Symfony2 beta 4 disponible

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La beta 4 est désormais disponible sur le site officiel de Symfony.

Il est possible, d’après Fabien potencier, qu’il s’agisse de la dernière beta et qu’on passe à la RC 1 prochainement.

Voici la liste des modifications depuis la beta 3 :



Liste des modifications de la beta 3 à la beta 4

  1. Client::getProfiler has been removed in favor of Client::getProfile, which returns an instance of Profile.

  2. Some UniversalClassLoader methods have been renamed:

    * registerPrefixFallback to registerPrefixFallbacks
    * registerNamespaceFallback to registerNamespaceFallbacks

  3. The event system has been made more flexible. A listener can now be any valid PHP callable.

    1. EventDispatcher::addListener($eventName, $listener, $priority = 0):

      * $eventName is the event name (cannot be an array anymore),
      * $listener is a PHP callable.

    2. The events classes and constants have been renamed:

      * Old class name Symfony\Component\Form\Events and constants:

          Events::preBind = 'preBind'
          Events::postBind = 'postBind'
          Events::preSetData = 'preSetData'
          Events::postSetData = 'postSetData'
          Events::onBindClientData = 'onBindClientData'
          Events::onBindNormData = 'onBindNormData'
          Events::onSetData = 'onSetData'

      * New class name Symfony\Component\Form\FormEvents and constants:

      FormEvents::PRE_BIND = 'form.pre_bind'
      FormEvents::POST_BIND = 'form.post_bind'
      FormEvents::PRE_SET_DATA = 'form.pre_set_data'
      FormEvents::POST_SET_DATA = 'form.post_set_data'
      FormEvents::BIND_CLIENT_DATA = 'form.bind_client_data'
      FormEvents::BIND_NORM_DATA = 'form.bind_norm_data'
      FormEvents::SET_DATA = 'form.set_data'

      * Old class name Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Events and constants:

      Events::onCoreRequest = 'onCoreRequest'
      Events::onCoreException = 'onCoreException'
      Events::onCoreView = 'onCoreView'
      Events::onCoreController = 'onCoreController'
      Events::onCoreResponse = 'onCoreResponse'

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      * New class name Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\CoreEvents and constants:

      CoreEvents::REQUEST = 'core.request'
      CoreEvents::EXCEPTION = 'core.exception'
      CoreEvents::VIEW = 'core.view'
      CoreEvents::CONTROLLER = 'core.controller'
      CoreEvents::RESPONSE = 'core.response'

      * Old class name Symfony\Component\Security\Http\Events and constants:

      Events::onSecurityInteractiveLogin = 'onSecurityInteractiveLogin'
      Events::onSecuritySwitchUser = 'onSecuritySwitchUser'

      * New class name Symfony\Component\Security\Http\SecurityEvents and constants:

      SecurityEvents::INTERACTIVE_LOGIN = 'security.interactive_login'
      SecurityEvents::SWITCH_USER = 'security.switch_user'

    3. addListenerService now only takes a single event name as its first argument,

    4. Tags in configuration must now set the method to call:

      * Before:


      * After:


    5. Subscribers must now always return a hash:

      * Before:

          public static function getSubscribedEvents()
              return Events::onBindNormData;

      * After:

          public static function getSubscribedEvents()
              return array(FormEvents::BIND_NORM_DATA => 'onBindNormData');

  4. Form DateType parameter single-text changed to single_text

  5. Form field label helpers now accepts setting attributes, i.e.:

    {{ form_label(, 'Custom label', { 'attr': {'class': 'name_field'} }) }}

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